inner peace


2014 turned out to be another gloomy year end.  A strong typhoon battered us on the 8th of December, and then another weaker typhoon on the 30th.  The latter brought so much rain that flooded many towns, broken some bridges and caused landslides in several municipalities.  This year end one-two punch has knocked us down again for a second time in 2 years, dousing whatever high spirits with gloominess.

I’m starting this year with a heavy heart and weariness that demand some effort to stay optimistic.  A change in scenery perhaps, a shift in focus and the avoidance of survivor stories.  We’ll see how this pans out.  This photography has always been emotionally driven and I will need to find my inner peace.  May you find yours.

Happy new year!


47 thoughts on “inner peace

  1. Orlando for whatever its worth – when one is down and flat on his back the only way TO GO IS UP. I’m sure YOU WILL. Love, Tita Mila

  2. A well written and enlightening narration of your natural calamities experience, first – hand. My sincere prayers that such tragedy will not repeat-performance henceforth.

  3. This is a beautiful shot of hope and courage! We cannot sit back and mourn for our griefs but get back and strive harder! I too had a fair share of personal sorrows in 2014. Trying to push ahead with a stronger will!

  4. I can only ditto all the previous comments. This is another beautiful image created and posted in the face of extreme adversity. I don’t want to say any more for fear of sounding trite.

  5. Amazing photograph saying so much. You communicate feelings and emotions so well – your “third eye” captures all aspects of the scene facing you.

    It’s hard to retain positivity in the face of one onslaught after another and it’s easy to become world weary and battle scarred. I hope that, for your well being, you find some respite and regain the strength to face what lies ahead of you. And that inner peace is no longer elusive.

    I do hope that 2015 is kinder to you all. I have found, when faced with severe adversity, that concentrating on the beauty of nature has put my existence and my problems into perspective – miniscule when faced against the backdrop of a universe that’s been around for billions of years and a scenery that has a longer history than that of our lives.

    Pace and love to you all. Stay safe.

    • Thank you, Alan, and also wishing you a great year ahead. Yes, I agree that concentrating on the beauty of nature does have a calming effect and I hope we will have a lot of sunshine this year to enjoy the glorious sunrises and sunsets.

  6. My heart aches for all of you out there. Stay positive. God bless and keep the emotions in check. Keep that shutter clicking!!!

  7. Brilliant photo. Happy New Year! I am sure things will look up. Thank you for sharing so much of your talent and world with us. Good luck for 2015!

  8. Good morning. Your photo is pretty similar to one I had bought several years ago. I bought it because I found peace in it. Hope you will find yours soon. Helen

  9. As I look back at 2014 I faced different kinds of challenges that you Orlando. I was forced to move 3 times in a 12 month period including one move where my landlord literally threatened to shoot me if I didn’t move. I overcame a lot of stress under dire financial and physical hardship. With God’s help and one good friend who let me stay with him for 2 months I made it through. Now I live in peace in a wonderful home I can afford. My landlord lives in the same house and we’re moving toward friendship.

    My one escape has always been photography. I love animals and love to escape reality with trips to our zoo to capture their story. So many have gone on the endangered species list because mankind cannot find harmony with them or even themselves. Mankind is the only specied that hunts & kills for sport. I could never do that.

    My wish for you, Orlando, is that you find your source of peace. I can see your relationship with your people and show us their good side always. Have a great year and stay as happy as you can. God bless!

    • Thank you, Bob. Yes, I read your posts regarding your moving and I tried to put myself in your shoes only to find out that it’s something I’d like to be spared of in this lifetime. Right after Haiyan in 2013 I was faced with the grim possibility of abandoning my home. Thankfully that did not happen.

      After the Dec 8 typhoon I lost all interest in doing photo walks because everything started to look bleak. It’s probably the subject I’m photographing that’s not really conducive to my personal recovery from the traumatic experience, and the overcast skies for most of the month just got into me. I hope we get more sunshine this year.

      • Although Oregon is a veritable paradise from July to October the rest of the year is filled with overcast skies and rain, constant rain. The inhabitant here actually take vitamin D supplements because they don’t get enough sunshine. Photographically I hate the Summer months because of the contrasty light. I pray to get your life back together and find peace again. The back to back storm years were a fluke so maybe you’ll return to normal weather patterns in the foreseeable future.

      • I’ll definitely be looking forward to a century of fine weather.
        There’s only harsh light here outside of early mornings and late afternoons. That’s for being so close to the equator.

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