rain in the desert

The rain today has brought a soothing calm.  I’ve always loved the rain, but can’t say the same for my fellow Taclobanons.  It’s the strong wind that puts me on edge, the kind that brings in tall waves and flying debris.


If an abandoned boat in the middle of what looks like a desert isn’t a picture of calm, then it’s definitely just me.


7 thoughts on “rain in the desert

  1. Take care Orlando, and wish you and everyone in Tacloban and your area find strength over the coming weekend. I just left your incredible city yesterday, and thoughts and prayers out to you all as the typhoon Ruby nears. Wish you all the safest weekend possible.

  2. Looks a bit surreal, an amzing picturewith other words. Took me a while to find the boat but it’s a nice detail, this picture evoke a lot of thoughts and ideas.

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