walking again

Today I had a long walk.  It’s been a while since I’ve done that.  The past months, I have been driving around most of the time and relying too much on luck to come across something interesting.  It has not be easy to find something positive to talk about of late.  Too much politics and plundering, and the government has not been transparent with the monetary aid intended for those affected by super typhoon Haiyan.  And the government has been and still is dragging its feet with the rehabilitation.  As for the survivors, there are those who are moving on and taking action, and there are those who have decided to wait for things to happen.  The latter was the reason for my growing disinterest in doing these photo walks, that’s why I had to take a walk to remind myself that I shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations. _DSF1588 I shouldn’t be standing in front of the “car”, especially when the driver has her eyes on the cartoon show playing on the mobile device on the dashboard. _DSF1589 The local ice cream maker.  He is one of those who have moved on and is back to his trade.  There is no need to mention that he has lost almost everything.  Almost everything, except hope. _DSF1592 That’s a kitchen sink they’re making, to go with everything. _DSF1596 The regular laundry on Sundays.  Somebody has to do it, myself included. _DSF1606 Watching, waiting, wondering, or perhaps wistful. _DSF1599 Every dog has its day (off). _DSF1600 Watching Sunday morning cartoons in the living room/dining room/bedroom. _DSF1602 Cousins doing an errand together. _DSF1605 I can hear Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song. _DSF1608 Somebody badly needs a shave, and it’s neither the barber nor the skinhead sitting in the barber’s chair.


26 thoughts on “walking again

  1. Please please please Orlando, continue taking your photos and posting them. Life isn’t always positive and it’s important we remember that. Your photos tell a story, a vital story, they’re full of humanity, joy, sadness, compassion, all human emotions are here. Sometimes they make me smile, at other times they make me shed a tear. They move me, that’s the important thing, just like music should. This is what photojournalism is all about and you’re a master of street photography. I’ve decide that I’m going to post your links every week to my Facebook page and also tweet the links to expand the circle.

    As a friend of the Philippines, I’m very aware of the problems in the country, both political and sociological – people from outside can still help if they choose aid agencies which get involved in projects on the ground rather than relying on funds to filter through government channels where they’re more concerned with playing PR ping-pong. I wish the Philippines had more politicians like Rody Duterte who doesn’t just talk, he follows through with action.

    Very best wishes to you and yours, Alan

    • Thank you, Alan. When I started this blog, I had the intention of telling stories of what life is like for the ordinary person. Over the years I’ve managed to collect snippets of what it is like to be in their shoes. With the number of people I get to know, there are those whose stories are uplifting, and then there are those who drag you down with their misery. It is simply impossible not to empathize with them, and it is never easy to deal with people who simply refuse to lift a finger to make their lives better. It’s their lives and not my business, but sometimes they get on my nerves.

      Until the day comes when people get insulted by politicians buying their votes, we will remain a third world country.

    • Sir Orlando is from Tacloban City, Philippines. I believe these pictures(most of his pictures, if not all) are taken there or nearby towns surrounding the city. =)

    • Thank you for pointing this out, Ron. Leo is correct, most of the photos are taken in different parts of Tacloban City, Philipines. I have stopped tagging photos for a long time already.
      Thank you, Leo.

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