white elephants

Rainy day today, 2 typhoons this week.  Both of them missed us.  What a relief considering that a lot of the typhoon Haiyan survivors are still living in tents while the rest who have not been relocated have already erected their new houses along the shorelines, on the same site where they once stood, to be washed away again come the next disaster, which I hope doesn’t happen in this lifetime or the next.  By the looks of things, the government is stuck in endless meetings and has come up really short in terms of decisive action.


Art imitates reality, just not today.  For sure there will be glorious sunsets in the days to come, and sunrises too.


The show is over. This herd will be thrown in the back of a truck and shipped to the next destination.


With the elephants out of commission, he’ll have to settle for whatever target is available.  If only he realizes that there are so many white elephants he can shoot at, he probably would’ve spared Winnie the Pooh.


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