street smart

How do you keep street kids out of trouble?


It might run counter to common sense to trust these wily kids with anything, but if there’s anything they could use, it’s trust.  Most of them are smart and hardworking, and if given guidance and education, they are the types who will most likely succeed.


No, he is not stealing the ice blocks that have just been loaded into the fishing boat.  That is ice that couldn’t be accommodated in the hold and would have just been left to melt under the sun.


They certainly understand teamwork.


And they don’t hesitate to dive in when the situation requires it.


There seems to be  a tacit understanding between these kids, the ice delivery crew, and the boat crew.  The kids are given some of the ice for free or in exchange for their help, to sell to the refreshment stalls in the surrounding area.  The money they earn will hopefully augment their family’s earning.  Most importantly, as one delivery crew mentioned, it keeps these kids off substance abuse that is prevalent in the area.



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  1. Few Americans understand the level of poverty experience by peoples outside the states. I was stationed in Kunsan, Korea for 19 months and lived among them. We used to call them the “10 wan kids”. The exchange rate was 400 wan for 1 U.S. dollar so 10 wan was about 2 1/2 cents. That’s all they wanted to run along beside you with an umbrella to keep you dry in a rain shower. They weren’t kept dry but they made sure you were. I can relate closely to the plight of your children.

    • South Korea is very far ahead already, and we’re lagging even farther behind. Unless we change the way we vote people into office, there won’t be any improvement in the situation.

  2. Over here in North America, we’re always hearing about efforts from some organization or another trying to help children there and other countries, and are always accepting donations so that children don’t have to live like this.

    I know that these organizations get the money they’re asking for, so can anyone tell me just what happens to it? Does it really benefit these kids?

    • There are organizations here, both religious and non-religious, that provide shelter and education for street children. For one reason or another, some children will run away and go back to the streets despite the care being given to them. Compounding the problem is the ever increasing number of children borne to parent who can hardly afford to send one of their children to school With the reproductive health laws that were passed just recently, I hope there will be an improvement in the quality of life.

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