child’s play

Children will always see the world as it is, and when they play pretend, it will always be a mirror of the environment we are bringing them up in and the society we are exposing them to.  We adults often do not realize how far down the hole we have already dug ourselves into, and in the process drag our children with us.


This child’s play has become too frighteningly real and disturbing, especially in this society where the population growth has gone unchecked.  While it is just a balloon under that shirt, there is no telling what is already ingrained in the innocent mind.


Our education system may have addressed the basics like teaching Jenny Rose how to write her name…


…but does it teach about the consequences of being too premature or irresponsible, or both?  Has society been too busy making a living and have forgotten that it is the numbers that define the quality of life?  Hasn’t anybody realized that all the arguments about population issues are being debated by people who do not have to fight off siblings for their share of the only meal for the day?


14 thoughts on “child’s play

  1. So true, I come across so many problems every day, working with children myself. Over there, or here in France.. The world has done crazy things to us.. Let’s open our eyes and envy simpler times.

  2. So very true I agree 100% a child mind it learn everything. Even from a parent or any other situation were survival is needed. I started going to school is this kinda of ugly neighborhood. I tried to fit in with the school crowd I got into trouble a lot hanging with the wrong crowd I started cussing at a young age and fighting. Surroundings are everything. Some of the kid you showed opened my eyes these children will grow and only see what they’ve always seen they’ll never know that there is something else out there. These kids are suffering when others can help.

  3. This was a powerful social commentary this week Orlando. Your photos of children show their innocence and happiness at the same time. Children of the world must be our top priority in our political decisions as they are our future. Thanks for this week’s post.

    • Thank you, Bob. Somehow we the voting population know that children should be our top priority but the people we vote into office think otherwise… at least that’s what is happening here.

  4. So touching, I hope one day some,.if not all those issues will be addressed. population explosion should be looked at and not leave it to “God’s wiil”.

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