It’s an hour into the night and the light begins to fade.  The street lamps cast their glow on people now heading for home.  Rides are getting fewer, the wait is getting longer.  There is time enough to take care of the hunger.


Another shift has just started for the alfresco restaurant by the street corner serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.


From instant hot noodles….


…to a sunny side up


…or a cloudy moon, there’s always something for the weary traveler.


Hot water is available…


…for coffee but not for a hot bath.


Anyone can sit on the benches, even those who have only ordered smoke.


Junk foods galore;  Chippy has been around since my childhood days.


A splash of water, a dab of soap and a final rinse and the bowl and cup are ready for the next hungry customer.


The clean stainless cups and a pitcher of water stand in ready to quench thirsty customer while the dishwasher takes time out.


The vendor takes a little breather but the seat never gets warm.



14 thoughts on “fastfood

  1. I’m enjoying your photo essays teaching me about a part of the world, Tacloban, that I never knew existed. How interesting to discover how people there live and work.

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