Every once in a while I get a chance to show visitors around my hometown.  This was one of those days, and where else to bring them but to the latest attraction site, the grounded ships at Anibong?  It has become a sort of a tourist spot, a must visit when in Tacloban.


The number of houses has increased since my last visit.  This place is supposed to be a no-build zone but until now there is still no relocation site for the residents.


Onboard M/V Eva Jocelyn, looking at life below.


She was running full speed ahead but wasn’t making any headway against the storm surge.  Then the hydraulic pipes to the rudder burst and she went dead in the water, rocking with the waves to finally rest on the side of the road, wedged between the embankment and mountains of debris.  People clambered up her side seeking refuge, scared, hysterical, confused, crying, screaming, desperate, hopeless, hopeful.  Waves upon waves crashed upon her bridge, and like a protective mother she kept everyone onboard safe and provided cover for the houses across the street from total destruction.


More ships on the ground; one has already returned to sea, 3 more waiting, either to set sail or be cut up for scrap.  These have already claimed the lives of many.


Living in uncertainty – not knowing if they will be asked to leave or if they will be left on their own.


Waiting for the day to come, whenever that may be, but not waiting for things to happen.


For posterity.


Nobody should be made to miss the boat.

_DSF1053But for those who do, there will always be a way.



38 thoughts on “grounded

  1. Fantastic photos.
    Sad with the remnants of the disaster, but amazing with the smiles and hopes recovery.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. As usual your documentary street photos are great. The one with the pig should be in National Geographic. Thanks Orlando

    • 5 cargo ships and many container vans landed on houses during the super typhoon Haiyan’s storm suge. This is one of the badly hit areas of Tacloban City. The residents have returned to build their homes despite this place being classified as a danger zone.

      • Natural disasters happen but people usually don’t care about what’s next. Meanwhile there’s this people, as you perfectly showed, suffering to have something back. Thanks for sharing such an important thing and congratulations for the magnificent photography work done here.

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