For the past few Sundays I faced a dilemma whether I should take my camera or should I go ride my bicycle?  There need not be a choice to make if I still had my back up camera, but sadly my Lumix drowned in sea water last November.  Then there is that competitive urge to keep up with the veteran bikers despite the fact that they have about 9 year’s head start, and I’d like to make at least 1 road trip touring the islands on a bicycle in this lifetime.  That’s one for the bucket list.


For now, this is how I will be fitting my photography to biking, same as how he fits in that front basket.


and talk about fatherly love in teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle… I’ve been there, done that except I didn’t know that it would have been easier to just grab the shirt instead of reaching under the seat for a grip.


I was wandering for an hour, uninspired, wanting to go home and skip a post or two in the process.  Somehow something always comes up and this is where I guess I call myself lucky – an unexpected subject.

Jun has built a cottage by the edge of the bay, a fish cage nearby, and was able to send his 2 daughters to college from his hard work.  Everything he has built over the past 40 years has been washed out, and today he is starting anew.  He is hopeful, with big thanks to the people who have made it possible for him to make a fresh start.  One of these weekends he will take me out for a ride in his new boat and I am definitely looking forward to that.


And this view is the reason for this entry.


18 thoughts on “Rawis

  1. I just adore that first shot with the baby in the basket. How lucky to see the scene in that moment.

    And the last image – just beautiful.

  2. More absolutely stunning photos–and it’s not just the photos that draw me to your blog. The photos are accompanied by sensitive and insightful writing and it makes me feel like I’m right there with you. The first and last photos in this post are my favorites.

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