busy street corner

This is by far the busiest Sunday I’ve seen in downtown Tacloban post-Haiyan.  Business is flourishing; traders from the south have occupied all available commercial spaces and the sidewalks haven’t been spared.  Long lines of people everywhere, especially lines for food.  Fastfood, that is.  Money is switching hands, and that is good.


The opportunities seem to be endless.  There are needs to be filled, and anybody with initiative and an entrepreneurial mindset is bound to succeed.  This vulcanizing shop on 2 legs could be the next success story.


I miss the old flapping metal wings of days gone by, the wooden wheels and the bright hand painted bird feathers.  Toys these days are mostly made of cheap plastic at a not so cheap price.


These boys will have to play with plastic toys for now…………


… and him, a plastic chick.


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