there and back again

Summer is here once more but it seems like the days are getting shorter, or perhaps it is the working hours that are getting longer.  And then there’s the bike ride that I look forward to after a long day.

The last 2 photo walks threw me off my normal routine, and I’ve found myself having too much time with nothing to do on a weekend.  We still have a long way to go to put our lives back to where we were, and by going back to doing the things we used to do puts a semblance of normalcy while we’re on the road to recovery.

The topic of conversations still remains the same up to this day, and it can drain the spirit in so many ways.  How I wish I can forget about it, even for just a day.


So today I’ve decided that there will be no serious conversation except for questions pertaining to the coefficient of friction and maximum velocity.


After some serious experiments, we’ve concluded that anything that is fun should be repeated over and over again.


One day they’ll miss this beautiful scenery, especially the sunrise from behind the mountain.


I was very glad to see a familiar face from a photo walk a year or 2 ago.


Now this is chilling out big time.  We should all be doing this more often.


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