never on sunday

No I didn’t miss my Sunday routine, I just missed out on interesting things to shoot.  And I got tired of seeing so much destruction, of people still struggling, and of people just waiting for things to happen.  We’re still so far from normal, and it will be that way for some time, or maybe for a long time.  I need a break.


..and some cold drinks.


Boxes belonging to Mario.  All of them.  Smells very fishy.


The street sign is so negative.  Somebody should rephrase that.


6:30 pm, downtown area.  No standing in line to take the public transport, only standing alone because almost everyone else have already gone home.


A seat with a view, with a view of the bottom too.


Once there was a way to get back home… and I will sing a lullaby.

There’s a big difference between shooting on a weekday and shooting on a Sunday.  I guess I can take some weekends off for a while.


19 thoughts on “never on sunday

  1. Orlando son increíbles las fotografías que tomaste, me encanta tu trabajo.
    Orlando your photos are incredible, I like your job
    Yo acabo de armar un blog y espero que algún día pueda exhibir fotografías como las tuyas, realmente te FELICITO!!!
    I just put together a blog and I hope someday I can show pictures like yours, really CONGRATULATE you!

  2. I cant imagine how hard it can be, all of this, living in a quiet place where you can hear the grass grow…. I follow you blog and have been very impressed by chidren, how they find the strength to play and smile and laugh sometimes, may be they dont all, but they seem to have a moment when they do.

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