The sky was overcast, the air was chilly and made colder by sudden bursts of misty showers.  I started from where I turned back last weekend, at the junction of Aslum and Old Road, Sagkahan.  This was the first time I’ve come to this place, not knowing what to expect except that this place was flattened by the storm surge.


There’s really not much left of this place.  Some people have not yet gotten over their losses, and probably won’t for the rest of their lives.


This used to be a busy crowded marketplace.


Despite everything that happened, kids will always find ways to filter tragic episodes in their lives.  They know they’ve lost family members – a brother or a sister, a father or a mother, or both, or maybe all, but that morning they were gleefully singing a Christmas song.


… except for this little girl.


This is the kind of therapy everybody should have.


A broken section of the road at Payapay, San Jose.  The first thing that came to my mind when I first came to this place is that nature is taking back what is rightfully hers.  The beaches are back to their pristine beauty – no man made structure was left standing.  For the residents of this community, life has become more difficult.


By the looks of things, there seems to be no other choice but to adapt.


31 thoughts on “adaptation

  1. These images are beautiful. I’ve gone through them all about 3 times before I decided to leave a comment to thank you for sharing them. Although I’m not really sure if just calling them “beautiful” is enough. What did you use to shoot these?

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  3. wow, your photos are very interesting, they show the mentality of people and true life around them… I also like walking with my camera and taking some shots of people and society. Moving.

  4. I love these pictures–so stark and powerful.. Your shots of the children at play gives hope that this city and its people will rise again from the ruins. This is my prayer, too, as a kababayan. Mabuhay ang diwang Pilipino!

  5. I love the low angle perspective of your kids photos Orlando. I too thought of the reclaiming by nature as I looked at the beach scenes. It’s a constant reminder that storms are a part of nature that holds no favorites, spares no hardship as it runs its course. Yet, life goes on, recovers, adapts and perseveres.

      • At least you didn’t have a volcano blow a mountain in half as we did in Oregon with Mt St Helens in 1980. The trees still haven’t grown back.

        I certainly thank you for documenting this event in a very personal way. I regret you had such personal loss but as long as you & your family came out of it uninjured you can rebuild.

  6. Heartbreaking images – thank heavens for children, they usually look forward. I’m so glad you post these images – they remind those of us in our relatively comfortable worlds, just how fragile life is, how much people have lost and how we must have hope in the future generation. Very moving, as always.

  7. Thank you for the updates thru your pictures and narration, they are so important to us, who can not be an eyewitness to all. they are still hard, but as you said, we can adapt, as those victims are trying to do.:(:( keep them coming.

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