40 days

Yesterday marked the 40th day since the typhoon.  People have already accepted the fact that there are things they have no control of, that they need to let go and move on.  It’s a very difficult time, but life goes on.


This reminded me of the boy on a pedicab with the name “Lester” painted on it.  This photo was taken at roughly the same place, but it seemed like a lifetime ago.


The good thing that came out of this is that people got to spend more time with their neighbors, and everybody is helping each other.


Fixing the floorboards, the walls and the roof.  Lives need to be fixed too.


A superstar.  This one will surely shine bright when it’s done.  There’s hope amid the ruins.


Remembering Valentino.


A lighted candle for the dearly departed.


Let us spend a minute of silence and pray for those who have lost their lives.












May those who have departed find eternal peace.


25 thoughts on “40 days

  1. Thank you for posting these photos of yours. I have smiled at pictures of children playing with smiling faces, worried about people on the other side of the world when the hurricane hit, and now you give me hope as the tears rolls down my face in sadness for all lost life’s but I also smile and feel hope when I see how people lend a helping hand. May God bless you all and thank you once again.

  2. Wow, these are truly inspirational Orlando! A couple of the candle shots at night could be on the cover of any magazine. Very nicely done! I have just had my cry for the day as well. – Bob

  3. May the candle light of hope burn brighter every day. Your pictures offer a glimpse on what’s it like to pass 40 days living with loss. With just this glimpse the stomach hurts. I hope you find the strength to rebuild and recreate after having survived this catastrophe.

  4. Heartbreaking and incredibly moving. Photojournalism at its very best telling a human story. As always, thank you for posting these pictures. RIP the departed and may the survivors rebuild and find peace and understanding. Love to all.

  5. Nature’s fury is really very devastating, the more we take it for granted the more people suffer. May those who have departed find eternal peace, my sincere prayers for all.

  6. So much sadness and pain. But still so much hope and caring. People show their best sides in this extreme situation and that is so beautiful. Love your photos, shows life as it is: hard, painful but still filled with hope and love:)

  7. A very touching set. Forty long and sad days.The moments of silence is so heartwrenching. When will our tears stop? May they all rest in peace:( thank you Mr. Uy.

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