Monday was the barangay election, and as usual, was marred by massive vote buying.  When will people realize that one can serve the community without needing any government or elected position?  And do they know that the money they spent to buy votes could have already sponsored at least one child to school?  Of course, these are just my naive thoughts.  I am sure the candidates have far better ideas and priorities in mind.

I saw this boy by the side of the highway, doing his best to separate the chaff from the grains.  It is a repetitive process until what’s left from the winnowing are the good stuff.  Now, if only we can also do this to our elected officials….


13 thoughts on “winnowing

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  3. “When will people realize that one can serve the community without needing any government or elected position?”

    Actually, I believe that you aren’t far off the mark. Philanthropists tend to cut through red tape and achieve a lot. They could achieve much more if they worked in groups. Take any cause; the sponsorship of children to go to school or an even bigger issue, poverty and hunger. One philantropist has the potential to make a little and short-lived dent in one of these. Such problems are so immense that it would take a major army to really get the upper hand on one of these problems. If more of them could band together and use their wealth and connections to pursuade the career politicians to support and work for them, instead of the other way around, some of the world’s problems could be considerably more manageable.

  4. The news coverage of the storm is completely devastating. I feel connected in some small way to the city and people of Tacloban through your depictions of the beautiful, smiling children and families – my heart has been heavy ever since the first bit of news came out. My heart breaks for them and you – I hope you are safe.

    • Thanks Tom, I am Orlando’s Auntie. As of this time, we haven’t heard from him. We are so worried since all communications from the province were cut off. I am from there and now live here in the US. Our source of news are thru FB and CNN.

      • Orlando posted on FB that he and his family are OK. I have no idea how he got the ability to post that but Orlando is a resourceful and intelligent (and talented) person.

  5. There used to be the belief that anyone could be president of the United States. That’s certainly no longer true as our Supreme Court is allowing outside special interest to contribute unlimited funds to the candidate of their choce. The presidency is now cheapened as the office if bought. 😦

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