walking solo

Once a year an activity like Scott Kelby’s WorldWide PhotoWalk creates an opportunity to gather photographers and encourage them to go out and shoot.  This year is no different from the past 2 years that I’ve led this same event.  There were first timers and veterans as well, and the order of the day was to give them a very memorable experience.

One of the advantages of a group photo walk is security.  Another is the boost in confidence it gives each individual in overcoming their shyness in approaching strangers and asking to take their photos.  Of course, it cannot be avoided that there is a chance of everybody going after the same subject, similar to the group of boys running after the same ball, but the real intention of this activity is to have fun.

The task of looking after the group limits the number of photo opportunities, so having a safe open space in the route is essential.  It allows for a chance to run across a scene that would fit into the frame.

Saturday ended well with a short group discussion.  Everybody seemed happy, and hopefully another photo walk will be organized in the near future.

Ever since I started this blog, I mostly did solo photo walks except maybe once or twice when I had a companion join me.  It’s not that I avoid company, but it is more about how differently I may view the scene.  I can spend an hour or more sitting and chatting with locals which could tire a shooting buddy, or I might move on to another location at any time if I can’t find a connection, and which a shooting buddy might find photogenic.  Having coffee together at the end of the shoot, however, will always be very welcome.

The important thing I keep in mind always is to make friends wherever I go, and show goodwill to everyone I meet.

This is the second stop on this Sunday’s solo walk – a small community by the bayou at Palo, Leyte.

This place, I’m sure, would have been great in the morning light.

And I can imagine how it would look on a full moon with lights coming from the open windows.


42 thoughts on “walking solo

    • We’re safe, Bob. Thanks for the concern. We’re on the eastern side of the archipelago and the epicenter was at the central part. The damages have been extensive, though, but thankfully we’ve been spared.

      • Good news! I bumped into a man who lived and worked in the Philippines for years. I was eating breakfast this morning and talked with him about the reported disaster. He hadn’t heard the news and was shocked and concerned. I’m really happy you’re ok.

      • Aftershocks are still being experienced, but less frequently now. We had a big one last August 2012, also a 7.2 magnitude. We’re on a fault line, I guess.

  1. I have been on one Scott Kelby PhotoWalk a few years ago. It was held in downtown Portland, Oregon near my home in the suburbs. I was not impressed but then I tend to be a loner for some of the same reasons you found. I like the spontaneity of solo shooting without being distracted my a bunch of photographers interested in each other’s gear. I can take photographs for the day within 10 feet of where I’m standing. The day I went on my PhotoWalk my favorite photo was of a cornflower growing from a crack in a sidewalk. I don’t plan on any more PhotoWalks as I go on them daily by myself. I took an out of state couple on a personal tour of our zoo today. That’s my idea of a cool PhotoWalk.

  2. Great set of photographs, so much life and enjoyment in each shot… Thought about the Kelby Photowalk a couple weeks ago, and while I have yet to be able to participate, love the concept. Perfect parallel with you and your wonderful blog.

  3. beautiful! sometimes a solo photo walks end up to an everlasting friendship! love them all, esp. the last two frames. Thank you.

  4. Muy interesante lo que comentas a mi tambien me gusta salir a disparar y luego veremos lo que sale -saludos


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