the ber season

Come to the Philippines in September and you’d think that Christmas is just around the corner.  For most Filipinos, the first day of September is the start of the BER season (SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER, DecemBER); time for the radio stations start playing Christmas jingles and dusting off the Christmas lanterns to put out on display.

They come from Pampanga, and they’re the first to put up lights for the coming Yuletide season because that is what they do – manufacture and sell Christmas lantern and lights.

Until recently, lanterns have been limited to indoor types, some with light bulbs and others without.  They were mostly made of  bamboo.  That was then.  Nowadays, they are framed in metal, bear elaborate designs, and are fully lighted, to be displayed outdoors for all to see.

This will be another star to light up the night sky.

It’s never too early to be in a festive mood.






I was very tempted to post the bottom 4 photos sometime in the middle of this week, but I did not, and thankfully so.  I came back to the shop this morning and saw everybody busy working  on new lanterns.


31 thoughts on “the ber season

  1. things to rememBER—– those wonderful” ber “months. One day—–:) thanks, once again nostalgic and not early enough to say Merry christmas!!!!

  2. With the way Christmas in North America is marketed and overblown from it’s original premise, it’s definitely too soon for me to be celebrating Christmas. I do; however, appreciated their sentiment.

  3. Good Luck to them….or should I send Christmas Greetings! But for me I prefer a short, sharp Christmas festive celebration, ideally traditional and little commercialism (you could be forgiven for thinking me scrooge – but honestly I am not). A great picture essay…thank you.

    • it’s true that commercialism abound, even as early as now, but the good thing is that people are in a better mood. Overall, people tend to be happier during this time of the year.

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