kids, cameras, and an air brush

They were having a good time with the camera phone taking group shots and solo shots.  All I had was just this one lucky shot and my battery went dead.  It was supposed to be fully charged the night before as I left the battery in the charger overnight.  I hope it was my mistake in not plugging the charger into the wall outlet, but I’m still getting a second battery.

So how do you tell a shy kid to face the camera?  Ask stupid questions.

Once everybody else sees what’s happening, they rush over and ask for their photos to be taken.

If every graffiti artist were this good, I wouldn’t probably mind them painting my wall.  This is commissioned work, however, but still…

Tool of the trade:  an air brush.  No pencil or chalk markings, just paint directly sprayed on the wall.

Inspiration comes from a black and white print…

… but rendered in full color.

Leo Soledad, artist.  I’ve finally met the person who has been responsible for the fine artwork on some of the public utility vehicles operating in the city.


18 thoughts on “kids, cameras, and an air brush

  1. Respect on another fabulous, interesting post Orlando!
    That last color image is beautiful, and a surprising “punch” in the face of your B+W image making.

    Keep it up, you’re an amazing blogger!!!!! 🙂

    – Tim, Australia

  2. You always manage to capture life so well, especially the children. And wow, what a talenteg graffiti artist. I’m glad it’s not raining where you are, the Philippines is having a tough time with the typhoons. Stay safe and keep the photos coming, Orlando. Have a great week.

    • very talented indeed. I was thinking about asking him to hand paint my car to cover the scratches and it will be half the cost of having it done at an automotive paint shop.

  3. funny, interesting,and thank you for featuring such an artist. Awesome!! love the kid, on the second frame. Once again, another a well done Sunday walk with your. camera!!! thank you for sharing.

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