rain or shine

It was another Fun Run (marathon) Sunday today, and I still have no idea why it is considered fun to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to run a marathon; I’d surely be spending the rest of the day sleeping if I were forced to join one, and grumpy the whole week if I have to forgo my Sunday photo walk because of that.

I would have missed these girls playing by the window…

…and these kids playing in the rain.  The rain was either perfect for taking photographs or for sleeping.

As to why I enjoy rainy days, the little kid in me is still around.  Now if only I had something to keep my camera from getting wet, that would’ve been just perfect.

Today, this blog has reached 5,000 subscribers, and for that I am very thankful to all of you.  I didn’t expect this, especially when I started this blog as an excuse to shoot with my camera at least once a week.  Honestly, I probably would not make it this far if not for the constant encouragement I receive from you.  Passion, like love, will slowly fade in the absence of a response.

Thank you!


41 thoughts on “rain or shine

  1. Your pictures bring a smile to my face. I was stationed in Kunsan, Korea for 19 months while doing a 4 year tour in the US Air Force. I served from 1969-1973. I had just discovered photography in my previous station, Misawa, Japan. I bought my first 35mm SLR there, a Canon FTQL. I shot only black & white back them. Both Misawa & Kunsan were rich with street scenes identical to your environment. Street kids known as “10 wan kids” greeted you when you got off the bus from the airbase. If it was raining, like the downpour depicted in one of your photos, the kids carried large, cheaply made umbrellas they used to cover you when departing from the bus. They would escort you to where you were going, keeping you dry, for “10 wan”. The exchange rate in 1970 was 400 wan to the dollar. Thanks for your posts and excellent photography. – Bob

      • I really wish I did but wife #2 through them all in the trash when we got divorced. I’ve been married 3 times in 64 years but am single again now. Thank God!

        I have a lot of fond memories of Japan, Korea, Thailand & Okinawa. I even spent a few days at Cadena AFB and traveled to Koza Philippinesm over 40 years ago.

      • I wonder if we’ll ever see a device that can capture our memories and show them on a screen? If you have plans of coming to the Philippines any time soon, let me know.

      • I certainly will. I’m still scanning through your blog, fascinated with the street scenes and especially the little kids. They don’t know they’re poor. They seem very happy for everything they have. If we could only learn to be happy like that again.

  2. You know, the things you do here make a difference. It’s a small thing, but it’s significant. The effort you make, the photographs you take, they reach all around the world and make us smile or perhaps think about something outside of ourselves, even if just for a moment. That really matters. Thank you. By all means, keep up the great work! We’ll be watching. Congratulations, Mr. 5000!

  3. Congratulations, Orlando, well deserved. You always manage to capture a slice of life, usually accompanied by a smile. Today, I adore the third photo especially. The kids are soaking wet, but overjoyed to have their picture taken. Ain’t that the truth! Best wishes, Alan

  4. we will be with you thru rain or shine. you make it more enjoyable for all the 5,000 of us. may the number increase and may you continue to do what you are good at. mabuhay!!! God bless.

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