soft patter

On Sunday mornings, I set my alarm to go off early in the morning… and then another one for backup… and yet another one… and still yet another one.  Somehow none of them work on cool rainy Sunday mornings.  Not one.  Nada.

So what to do on a rainy Sunday morning?  Hold the umbrella.

This place has become one of my go-to places.  I guess I am naturally drawn to water – the rain from above and the sea down below.  There is a sense of calm.

The pattering rain has to stop sometime….

…to take heed of this little dancer’s performance to an empty audience

…and to this couple’s emotionally charged rhythmic maneuvers.

It was time to go – for me and the carnival.  The champ already had his time.


27 thoughts on “soft patter

  1. Maupay nga aga, fellow Waray blogger.

    I love how you make such a simple subject as soft patter stand out.

    Magbabalik-balik ako nganhi 🙂 You have lovely photos and great writings.

  2. Wow, not only are those great images of a rainy morning (and I love images of the rain) you also captured the mood, through the lines that described them. The rain certainly has some magic that either makes us want to sleep the whole day, or write something poetic! 🙂

    • And don’t forget the cup of hot coffee or chocolate… I’ve always dreamed of sitting on the porch of a cabin somewhere in the middle of an open field on a rainy morning, but that remains a dream for now.

  3. Brilliant shots, as always. 🙂

    The monsoon season is the less photographed season but mood in the images certainly evokes a a certain feeling common to us. Rain is coming.

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