One day short of a year ago, I was on my way home from the morning’s walk and happened upon a little girl standing on the street corner.  I saw her again today with her playmate, running on the sidewalk while carrying her trike.  I followed them around the corner, and she saw me and remembered that I took her photo before.

Kids.  They grow up really fast.

Teks is what they’re called.  Trump cards of sorts, played in many different ways.

This is M/V Jocelyn, a passenger/cargo boat that plies the route between Tacloban City and the town of Talalora, Samar which is 3 hours away.  The road to Talalora might be passable to vehicles soon because this vessel, just a little over one year old is in the market for a new owner.  Many boats servicing the coastal towns have ceased operations when the towns became accessible by land.

M/V Jocelyn is bigger than the rest of the boats moored at the pier, and her gangplank has rails to hold on to, unlike Nelfa who can leave you breathless and gulping sea water if you don’t tread lightly.




10 thoughts on “random

  1. Nice! Your black and white street photos are really awesome! I was wondering if you could give your critique on my blog, I jsut started a Black and White Project, and I want to get as much input as I can. Thanks!!

  2. About your image “Kids . They grow up really fast”. Surprising how it is that you really did return to about the same spot a year later and captured the same girl with a Coke sign. Though it wasn’t the exact background, was it near? I do like the B/W version better than the color one of a year ago. The color seems to detract in this case. Have you played with making it in B/W?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • This new photo was taken on the adjacent section of the same wall, and this is just around the corner from where I live, so I do pass this place very often. The timing was pure coincidence.
      I tinkered with the b/w version, which came out a bit too gloomy (I only do general adjustments and don’t use brushes and such). I will redo the photo now that I’m using Lightroom 4, and her mom also asked for a print. Still can’t decide whether to give her a color print or b/w…

  3. Pictures taken randomly still make sense and you made it interesting with good shots and narration. Excellent job. Is it Gweyneth? I do think of her often and wonder about her. she really has grown:):):)

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