Time and again it has been proven that there is always something interesting happening when walking around.  A car will take you places, but it certainly won’t allow for close up photos.

Sundays have always been designated as days of leisure, and I can recall decades ago when I was still a kid, I would wait for my dad to wake up from his afternoon nap and drive us around the city streets.  He would circle around Magsaysay Boulevard a few times before heading back home, or on rare occasions, take us someplace where we can have something to eat.  This memory is still very vivid up to this day, and most certainly these two lucky children will remember this bicycle ride throughout their lives.

My problem of having only one photo for the day (top photo) and lunch time half an hour away turned out to be a very shallow matter compared to this boy who has yet to catch enough fish for his lunch.

The fishes were biting, but they were just bite-size fishes.

Life on the other side of the beach is a lot better.  A family picnic with food on the table, and children just being children without a care in the world.

One of the nicest things about taking photographs around children is that one of them is bound to walk right into the middle of the frame, or put his face in front of the lens out of pure curiosity.  This is one such occasion.

It’s time to head back home for lunch and leave the kids to enjoy their Sunday.

Or in his case, good luck catching fishes.


17 thoughts on “Cancabato

  1. The first photo remind me of my dad. Yesterday was his first year death anniversary. We looked exactly like the first photo when he used to fetch me from school. 🙂 Beautiful, warm, telling photos. You should have your own magazine sir! 🙂

    • Sorry to hear about your dad, Zezil, and I hope you have a lot of those lovely memories of the time you spent with him. I am a father of 3, and I have no idea of how they view me, or if they have fond memories of the times we had. Maybe one of these days I should sit down and ask them.

      I have already started collecting photos for a coffee table book. 🙂


  2. I feel like I should just make a clone stamp that says, “beautiful images” because that’s exactly what I think each week. I, too, love, love, love the first image and the story that goes with it. The other story pulls at the heartstrings and the 5th photo down of the little boy looking directly at the camera is compelling.

    Your bw processing is beautiful. You should self-publish a book with your images and your comments…you say so much with your photos and just a few words. Very nice.

  3. love the first frame, and the story of you and your Dad:) once again bless the kids and you not only on Sundays but everyday. nicely done.

  4. Beautiful photos and story! Thanks for sharing your Sunday walk. I love the first photo best but was really touched by the story in the second frame. This post just completed my weekend. Thank you 🙂

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