free pass to the carnival

The carnival: bright, colorful and fun!  It has been in town a month ago, but soon it will be gone.

We remember the good times; the peals of laughter and the rushing adrenaline, the bright lights and the tinny music playing on the loudspeakers.  This is a happy place……

….but only when the lights are on for this is all but a show.

When the stiles are empty and switches are off, it’s nothing more than a life that’s rough.

The carnival goes from place to place, and the tasks of setting up and tearing down are the only indication of the passing of days.

There is very little in terms of private space, but for everything else this is such a very huge place.

Personal possessions are scattered in every available nook and cranny….

…and laundry for all to see when the sky is sunny.

Even the hurricane dies down when it’s time to sleep, alongside the men who makes it go up the steep.

Bumper cars piled up in a row…..

…and the daredevil makes sure that his circle of death is all set to go.

The children of the carnival go about with their own games…

…while the dragon watches everything from atop the tall frames.

Cable cars hang empty in the morning sun,

ready for yet another night of fun.


29 thoughts on “free pass to the carnival

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  2. Very nice photos, I like that b/w style you got there and also I have to mention that some of the photos really keep reminding me Chernobyl, not in a bad, I find it is cool and maybe it is just my opinion but all this “still looking life” and the black and white thing… What do you and the others think about if these photos are somehow reminding Chernobyl?

    • I have googled Chernobyl, and I can say that there are some very impressive photos of carnivals despite being on the eerie side. I find photos of urban decay interesting, but it is something not so common here. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

  3. Brings backs memories when those carnival nights were magical, now that I’m all grown up your pictures showed the other side of the magic

  4. BRILLIANT story telling, and shots. the behind the scene takes are humbling. You took me back into the depths of once upon a time childhood bliss. thank you for the free pass.

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