and it poured

We waited eagerly for the festival parade on Saturday, but it rained.  It rained all of Friday night, and it rained all Saturday morning.  It didn’t rain on the parade,though, because there was no parade.  It was cancelled and I was already out, but I wasn’t heading back home.  The rain wasn’t going to dampen my spirit.

This is one time I wished I was wearing those waterproof pants to go with my waterproof shoes – typhoon signal #2.

The streets were nearly empty, and most of the stores were closed.

A dipper, the pouring rain and a dirty car.  Things are going well for the optimist.

A cup of hot coffee latte and “muron” (a native delicacy), the perfect combination for a nice breakfast on a cold rainy morning.

One thing to remember about waterproof shoes – water that goes in through the pants and socks can’t come out.  I had a shoe full of water by the time I arrived home.

The weather cleared up in the afternoon for the festival ritual dance competition.

That dragon was taking my focus away from the happenings onstage, so I shot it.

There was an ongoing photo contest, and many of the submitted entries will probably look like this…

… and this…. 

.. and this too….

….and maybe a few of this kind.

These festival photos, including those taken by everybody else will never be able to capture the spirit of the festival.  One has to be present and prepare to be amazed by the colorful costumes, the beat of the music and the intensity of the performances.  If you have plans of visiting this part of the world next year, drop me a message.

Being a member of the photo club organizing the photo contest automatically disqualifies me from joining the contest, but I don’t really mind.  Somebody has to organize the contest and I’m just glad to be part of the group that makes this happen.  Visit our club page on Facebook by clicking here.  (Contest photos will be uploaded in about a week’s time, and the previous year’s entries are also posted there. )

If I were to join the contest, this is the photo I will be submitting.


All color photos were shot with my Canon 450D + EF 70-200 mm f/4 lens.  I’m glad I didn’t sell it.


20 thoughts on “and it poured

  1. An excellent report, including good use of “bad” photos. The final one is an absolute stunner. We are all glad you didn’t sell your lens. Few things are as regretful as letting go of a lens you’re fond of…

  2. I hesitate to comment on your blog posts any more because all I can say are things like: great images, love your images, love your b&w, great photojournalistic photos, etc. And the same goes for this post. But really, the last image is spectacular! Is that a filter, or a slow shutter speed. It’s one of the best of its kind that I’ve seen.

    • You made my day, Linda, thank you very much for the lovely comment. The last photo was done with a slow shutter, no filter. Come to think of it, a filter would have worked out better.

    • Thanks.
      I’ve searched for images of the Penafrancia festival and I like what I see. I’ve only passed Naga City once on a road trip from Manila to Tacloban; perhaps a longer visit to the place should be in order.

  3. you are just so special, crazy funny. nice shots. it I were to judge, you are already a winner. love that “entry shot”. thank you once again for letting us enjoy the festivities from afar. more power to you!

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