at the fair

The fair comes to Tacloban every year in June.  Shops selling clothing, souvenirs, vases, pots, plants, and bric-a-bracs are set up along the streets and open plazas for the whole month, taking advantage of the festive season in preparation to the coming feast day on June 30.

Colorful shirts are printed on the spot.  The number of screens at the back of the shop just shows the diversity of the print designs.

This shop wasn’t selling the things I thought they were selling.  I read it wrong.  Sigh.

Minnie Mouse should is feeling very light headed.

“Is that tattoo on your head?”  Silly of me to ask such a question.  I don’t think any of his friends would dare draw that on his head using a marker pen.

Below is the first photo in color.  I know it’s not easy to mentally convert b/w pictures into color.



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