photographs, on paper

Begin with the print in mind.  This has become a mantra whenever I am out taking photographs.  It forces me to be deliberate in framing a shot, and most importantly, it keeps the number of unwanted photos to a minimum.

There was nothing much that was happening today, or maybe I just needed to go someplace for a change.  I usually skip the city’s downtown area on purpose because I have seen enough of it, although I still spent a good time walking around just to be sure I haven’t missed anything.  I didn’t miss anything.

The view by the bay was just perfect, as always.

Since I had some time off in the afternoon and it was raining, I decided to do some “water painting”.

I would definitely want to have this printed.

And this one too, but where shall I hang these once they’re printed and framed?


26 thoughts on “photographs, on paper

  1. Orlan you can give some to me…will proudly show them off in my office and at home!!!! Good takes…especially the droplets of rain…from your windshield…

  2. These are lovely photos! I love all three, but especially the last two. They bring a nostalgic feeling like when I was traveling on a rainy day… And just looking at them makes one want to cozy up with a mug of hot choco on a warm sofa… but then, that’s just a thought. With the humid weather right now, I’d rather have a glass of iced tea! Again, these water paintings are beautiful! 🙂

  3. I agree with the other commenters. These are beautiful, but your images always are. I, too, really like the last one with that sliver of golden light on the wet pavement, and the solitary figure on the bridge definitely adds to the image.

  4. wonderful “water painting”. thank you for working on father’s day:):) I will definitely take them!!! One important thing is that, you had a great time working on these. take care.

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