kids and bikes

It’s nice to be back shooting in broad daylight.  It’s nice to be where I’m most comfortable, on the streets where people are just being themselves.  No fancy clothing, no heavy make-up, no forced smiles, nothing artificial.  This is life, unposed….

…like getting this bike oiled and ready for the afternoon ride.

This is just another ordinary Sunday ride from the other side of town, except for the special package at the back of the pedicab.

I once caught a fish this …….  never mind…..  that’s a whale!


8 thoughts on “kids and bikes

  1. lovely images 😉
    I like the second one because it looks like everyone is looking back at you;P maybe you shouted “I wanna make a picture pls wayt^^”?

    looks great really like your blog, black an white is still the best^^ I am starting my own blog at the moment and I belive it will be clustered with b&W ^_^

    keep up the great work and have a nice weekend ^_^

    • thanks!
      They already saw me as I chased after them in my car and parked well in front of them. They were most probably very surprised at me taking their photos.

      Good luck with your blog!

  2. funny:):) showed this set to my grandson Little Ray ( 6 yrs. old) he loved the first frame and so impressed of the boy getting his bike oiled. Big laugh on the whale:):) thank you once again.

    • I hope he learns how to ride a bike. I learned to ride when I was around 12 years old. As for the whale, I had to chase it down the road after making a quick u-turn. Maybe I should have followed it to the beach and witness it being set free 😀

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