the grand santa cruzan

These were taken last May 30.  Up until now I still am wondering why, despite all the parading beauties during the Grand Santa Cruzan, despite their willingness to have their photos taken, I chose to shoot everything else but them.  Is it because of the artificiality of this event, that it is all a set up?  Perhaps it is.  We’ll have to wait until next May to see if I change my mind about this.

Airam Eva.  Somebody had them stand in formation while looking at a mirror.

An angel in a rush


Fierce looking warriors, except for the cupid-like arrows.

She is happy because she just earned her wings.

A cherub joins the procession.

Angel with butterfly wings, followed by one with an apple-shaped wings, and still followed by heart-shaped wings.

A young spectator, mesmerized.

The Reynas and their young escorts in their gowns and barongs.

A relic from the past.

And another young spectator, peeping through her fingers.

It was a very colorful event, and it would be easier to show what it was like rather than explaining the colors in thousands of words…

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4 thoughts on “the grand santa cruzan

  1. Thank you for the “colors” !!! So grand indeed. you did justice to the celebration thru your pictures and narration. Bravo! Viva Santa Cruz!

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