The tide was unusually high today, and the first thing that came to my mind were the coastal areas surrounding the city.  This is Barangay Timex, a place where politicians visit like clockwork – about once every 3 years, during election campaign season.

Safe drinking water is still inadequate, and it is a very common sight to see children walking the streets carrying water jugs.

Water from a shallow well, to be used for washing clothes and also for bathing.

My rubber boots were sitting dry in the back of the car a long way back.

A quick splash to cool off.

Fish: cleaned, salted, and laid out for drying.  It is fried until crispy, and goes well with vinegar.  It is a staple in any Filipino home.

Mobile phones have become a necessity.  It allows people to talk to anyone anywhere on the globe, and is also a tool for ignoring the person nearby.

Learning to swim with a piece of styrofoam.  There are no certified swimming instructors here, only life threatening lessons if left unattended.


28 thoughts on “Timex

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  2. there are so many ” Barangay Timex” back home. excellent shots and captions. love the ‘dried fish’. so true and miss it a lot:)

    • And there will always be communities like these if people can’t learn to vote wisely. As for the dried fish, I don’t think your neighbors will appreciate the smell.

    • What they don’t realize is that they hold the power to dictate who should be in the elected office if they don’t allow their votes to be bought. There’s nothing much they can do about the rising tides, though. It’s not easy to educate them, especially when they survive by hand to mouth.

  3. Thanks for your photos of the children. I do like your POV, on their level. Makes photos realistic and close to them.

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