Devotees from all over the metropolis walked barefoot to Quiapo church on Good Friday, some carrying their crucifixes while others had elaborate floats.  I was just an observer.


People walked the empty stretch of the main street while neighborhood kids found a temporary playground.


Towels, towels and more towels, but not a shade from the sun.




Ice cold water, free for everyone.  If only it were like this everyday.


Snake oil to cure sickness, in case prayers don’t work.


The Miranda clan and their float.


Crossing to the other side.


Spikey enjoying the free breakfast.


Religious icons or idols?


Santo Niño, the image of the child Jesus.

Devotees throw towels to wipe the face, hands and crucifix of the image of Jesus Christ.


Outside the church.


At the plaza outside the church, prayers are sung.




Grooming, in public.

carry the cross

heading downhill

walk of faith

kids on the block


king of the road

bare feet

Many people endure physical sacrifice on Good Friday for reasons known only to them.  Some walk barefoot, others flagellate themselves, and still others go all the way and allow their hands and feet to be nailed to the cross as Jesus was.  We all have our own crosses to bear.

How far would I go with my personal sacrifices?  There is already too much pain and suffering in this world, and adding my own pains and sufferings wouldn’t change anything at all.   It is time we stop punishing ourselves and create something proactively positive instead.


18 thoughts on “Friday

  1. As always, I really enjoy your posts and photographs. This is no different. I especially love the last photo with the feet. I would rank this as one of my faves. Great job. Thanks.

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  3. thank you for showcasing Good Friday in the Philippines, and for sharing with the rest of the world a cultural religious practice that we all miss esp. those who’ve been far away from home. Excellent images!.

  4. Great photos! You have excellent use of contrasts in the black and white. This is a unique insight into the culture of the Philippines. It seems strange to me in many ways – a Catholic country in Asia.

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