summer’s here

There is no doubt that the country roads are much more beautiful and there are far more interesting things to see.  The lush greenery, the clear blue skies, the fresh air and the laid back lifestyle.  The city, on the other hand, is getting more and more crowded, traffic is getting worse, and people are glued to their phones most of the time.


As chance would have it, I was led to the back roads in the town of Palo.  I followed a small group of devotees who went knocking on every door in the neighborhood.  A man carried a crucifix while a pair of older women offered a prayer at every doorstep after soliciting donations for the church.  The residents would put money in the donation box and kiss the crucifix.

donation box

The wooden donation box and its carrier.

view from the top

If I had not seen the man carrying the crucifix and had I not followed them, I would never have come to this suspension bridge….

on the road

…. and I would not have met this fine young man who stopped in his tracks and waited for me to take his photo.

picking kaimito

Further down the village road, a group of kids were picking kaimito fruits.

scene from a village

Free fruits for everyone who cared to have some.

outstretched and waiting

The children can’t get enough.  They’re free, and somebody is picking for them.  Such is country life.


Meanwhile, on the way back, some kids flying kites on an empty lot.

running start

Something tells me that summer has officially started.


10 thoughts on “summer’s here

  1. New to your blog, looking forward to future posts. While Instagram snapshots are fun and vacation shots beautiful, it is so nice to see your simple, unfiltered perspective of daily life. B&W always puts the focus where it should be: on the subjects.

    • This is going to be one very hot and humid summer, but the kids usually don’t mind the heat, especially when they’re out playing with friends.

      I can imagine everyone still wrapped up in coats and jackets eagerly awaiting spring… no swimming in the lakes until the weather becomes favorable.

  2. I love your photos, Orlando, I look forward to Sundays to see the current week’s pictures. I’m in Manchester in the UK but looking forward to marrying my sweetheart and moving to Mindanao later in the year.

    • thank you, and congratulations! Mindanao is a very lovely place and I wish you and your future spouse a wonderful life together. Hopefully our paths will cross one day.

  3. Have a great summer! love the young man with the umbrella:) thanks once again for a wonderful set. It’s been a while since I had kaimeto:):)

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