of streets and events

I’ve said to myself many times before that I don’t want to shoot weddings.  I don’t want to be chasing newlyweds.  Nor do I want to shoot birthdays.  I prefer to sit back and enjoy the meal and desserts, the music and the company.  Thank goodness this isn’t what I do for a living.

However, there are assignments that I can’t turn down.  These are the assignments that involve my kids’ school activities, like the prom, for instance.  Shooting in the streets is a lot easier than taking photos of my daughter in her gown, and not to mention all the lighting equipment involved.  Somebody please give me a travel photography assignment instead!

As with all things, these too have passed.  Sunday morning, finally!

no kidding!

Sitting on the bench watching the view of the bay was very soothing.  Even the goat in front of me was enjoying the quiet morning.  Then it turned around and looked at me as if to say something, and then just stared at me, speechless.  Just as I hoped.  I’d rather listen to music on my earphone than talk about the weather.

dodge disc?

We used to play this game using rubber balls, now they’re using flying discs.  I was just surprised that kids from north to south of the city were playing this game, and it all started just this weekend.  They must have a common calendar with a schedule of street games to be played.


And on the way home, a lucky find.  Two boys playing with a broken scooter, each one taking turns at pushing the other along the highway.

The biggest difference between shooting streets and shooting events is the spontaneity of the former versus the artificiality of the latter.  The main challenge for me has always been to make a connection to the play that has been choreographed to perfection but leaves no room for interaction.  I can’t shoot from a checklist.


17 thoughts on “of streets and events

  1. Whenever I drop by your blog, I am always amazed with how much more Tacloban has to offer. So many interesting subjects and places if we just know how to look. More power! 🙂

    • Tacloban has changed a lot in my 41 years here, and is continually evolving. The things that connect me to the past are slowly fading away.

      thank you for visiting.

  2. don’t get tired annotating your pics coz while the pics can speak a thousand words, they get more beautiful and expressive when you add your thought provoking and at times funny descriptions.

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