no batteries required

Sunday morning went by and I missed another planned sunrise shoot.  Why is it so difficult to resist going back to sleep after turning off the alarm clock?  Hitting the snooze button a second time only made it more enticing to go back to bed.  Then it was driver duty for the rest of the morning.  Luckily the afternoon wasn’t taken, so after a short nap I headed south to a small community by the river banks of Tanauan, Leyte.


There are no Little Miss Muffets here and they have no tuffets.  They’re not afraid of spiders, no whey!


These boys spent the afternoon hunting tree spiders.  Look at those little critters!

box spider

This is not for the faint of heart, nor is this for those with iron grips.


Much of the games children play have evolved.  This is called “123”, and is played by 2 teams.  It is a little rough.

circles in the sand

While the bigger boys rough it out, the younger boys and girls play their own games.

ice ice water

This is another new game called “ice ice water”.  There is no ice, and no water.  It must be a secret code.

chinese garter

Chinese garter, sort of.  They have a name for this game but I forgot.  It’s not easy for old dogs to memorize new names.

family dragon

And this is “family dragon”… or was it “dragon family”?  They were hopping like rabbits, probably waiting for the real dragon to catch them.

machine gun kids

This is undeniably cops and robbers.  The kids didn’t realize that an election gun ban is in effect.  Then again, cops and robbers both carry guns, banned or not.

tv viewers

This is how the neighbors watch TV: through a narrow angle to the television set in one of the houses.  Fall in line!

Last February 8, 2013 was the opening of the art exhibit here in Tacloban in celebration of the National Arts Month.  I was invited to participate in the exhibit which also featured the works of talented local painters and sculptors.  The exhibit runs through the month of February at the University of the Philippines Leyte Samar Heritage Center.  Weekend viewing can be arranged by special appointment.  For those who can’t come, I’ve included the pictures I’ve put on exhibit.  They look better on print, though,  especially at 20″x30″.

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32 thoughts on “no batteries required

    • kids living in rural areas still play these games, until time comes when they will have access to computers and other electronic gadgets. Wouldn’t it be nice to gather childhood friends, no matter how old they are now, to play the games we used to play when we were kids?

  1. You shoot the most endearing images of children. I very much appreciate your work – thank you for continuing to share such a beautiful, candid and intimate portrait of life there. Bring your exhibit to Dubai! 🙂

    • Thank you. It is the kids who are most curious and enjoy being photographed, and their parents are very receptive.

      Hopefully one day I will be able to do an exhibit abroad. Thanks.

  2. I love their imagination and wonderment. Sometimes I think it would be good for children in America to step away from all the electronics and have a fun, healthy day playing outside with just nature and their imaginations in tow 🙂

    • it’s the same here, unfortunately. Most kids these days have phones and other gadgets that keeps them busy and as a result they tend to have very poor social skills. Adults aren’t exempted from this too.

  3. Children of the world, who has a little something called time, find simple things to entertain themselves, with no cost and toys that don’t need batteries. Fresh images and beautiful narration about hidden life lessons old and new. Genius!!! thank you.
    Congratulations on the art exhibit and of you being featured as the “guest artist” So proud of you Mr. Uy!!

  4. Nice!
    A friend studied children’s games for her masteral thesis in FLCD a few years back and she had those documented through sketches and videos. I’ll share this post. I’m sure she’s going to love it too! 🙂
    I can only remember playing chinese jackstone, pick-up sticks and “playing” with my sister’s typewriter as a child… waaah 😥

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