When was the last time you made a paper airplane?


It starts with one sheet of paper…


….or maybe a few more sheets for friends .


Blowing air beneath the wings doesn’t really make any difference, but it doesn’t hurt either.


Aim high and let it loose!

Maybe it’s time to do the things we used to enjoy and invite friends over to join us.


19 thoughts on “fly!

    • Thanks!
      I tend to spend too much time on color adjustments and can’t seem to be quite happy with the outcome. It might have something to do with our geographical location being so close to the equator that light is usually harsh and color is washed out. And, it also doesn’t help much that I usually shoot from mid morning to noontime.

  1. this set is fun . the simple joys that the children have. thank you for capturing them. can’t remember the last time I made mine. maybe it is time to make one for Little Ray and Izzy ( if I still remember how). thank you once again.

  2. Ohhh, ahhh, I love this series. Especially the second image down, where two of those beautiful faces are looking at the camera, and two are engrossed in their projects.

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