Sometimes hard work is never enough.

A laborer takes a rest on the sidewalk.  Cement dust covers his body from head to foot

A laborer covered in cement dust from head to foot, taking a break on the sidewalk.

Piecework.  There’s money on some days, and on others, none.


Break time.  A smoke, a cup of coffee, a piece of bread or biscuit, or just a breather.  The laughter is free, if one can afford it.


Luck will surely come in handy.  A lottery winning goes a long way to recover all the lost bet.


Living off the land, or off the sea, and relying on luck in harvesting what nature has to offer.


At the end of it all, we just need to make the most with what we have.


18 thoughts on “struggle

  1. Beautiful pictures. It reaffirms how fortunate most of us are in the States compared to many other people in the world. Thank you.

  2. This is a stunning, beautiful collection. Thank you for sharing with us. These images of the world so easily hidden from the western world are a pure reminder of how varied our planet actually is and how blessed we first-worlders actually are.

  3. What a wonderful set, Mr. Uy. This reaches the core of my heart, for each of us has our own struggles. One might not be as hard as the others, but still we work hard . . The last two frames are so touching. Once again you delivered. Thank you. Wonderful images!!!

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