It is an ever increasing challenge to come up with something new as a similar photograph can only tell a story already told.  Snapping photos of walking pedestrians isn’t really something I am good at, nor does it resonate with my purpose of being on the streets with my camera.  I want to have a reason to take the photo, and I want to be able to relate to it.

This gentleman and his 2 grandchildren come from Palanog.  They are in town to sell their harvest of dried coconut meat or copra.  The price per kilogram of copra is very volatile, from as little as Php 15.00  per kilo to over Php 40.00, depending on market demand.  As of this morning, he doesn’t have any idea how much money he will be taking home.

He was strutting his stuff with a rice cooker on his head, and I was sneaky.

It only took a split second before his companion decided to have a shot at fame.

It’s called “tatsi”, and I don’t know of any other word for it.  The object of the game is to hit the coins out of the square using another coin.

This is how it was played many years ago – with bottle caps instead of money.  I had a limitless supply of bottle caps because my uncle operated a refreshment parlor, and my pockets were always full of bottle caps.

There will always be photographs to take, but never enough stories to make.


17 thoughts on “Tatsi

  1. I have always been too shy to approach strangers and ask to take a photo. I always see great opportunities, but I can’t get over that feeling that I am invading their privacy. Great shots.

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