day one and the day before

New year’s day and all is quiet.  Looking at the empty streets right now I should have stood in the middle of the road and took photos from there.  Please remind me to do that next year.

empty street

I live on the other side of the block.  Not much to see there either.


Same street, going towards the other end.  It’s eerily quiet, but you won’t hear a pin drop.  Really, has anyone ever heard a pin drop?


Somebody just arrived home.

solo biker`

Really, I should have stood in the middle of the street and took photos from every street intersection.  Why didn’t I think of that before?

quiet time

Taken this morning and I’m already on my 2nd photo walk.  Probably the same father and son duo I took during one rainy morning of February.

A change of setting for the last day of the 2012.  We did a staged photo shoot.  The concept didn’t go as planned, but I like what came out of it anyway.  A big, big thanks to Sunshine, Khin, Jaya & Candice for volunteering to model.


20 thoughts on “day one and the day before

  1. Didn’t know that the streets of Tacloban will be more quiet on New Year’s Day than Good Friday. And the girls’ pics evoke different emotions – both dramatic and fun .

  2. How clean an immaculate the road ;o) i could imagine if it was in the big city you will never see that! nice pictures Orlando…………….,keep up

  3. Great set of images. Isn’t it funny how the simplest concept (like standing the in middle of the road) eludes us when we have something on our minds? I bet you never forget to do that again.

  4. Wow! I forgot how quiet it is back home on New year’s day. The first frame gives me a deep sense of nostalgia. Excellent shots. A very good start for the welcoming new year. The stage photo shots are awesome. We would not know what you were trying to accomplish, but the whole thing is an accomplishment in itself.

    • Sometimes it just makes you wonder where everybody is.. It was already 3pm when I went for a walk.

      The girls and I have talked about a lot of ideas, but we ended with these group shots instead, and it was raining but they didn’t mind. 🙂

  5. Somehow, that photo of a couple with the bags walking along the empty street felt so melancholic. Probably because it reminds me of “leaving” home after the holidays, which usually falls on the first day of the year since that’s when airfare is cheapest! 🙂 I once left the house with everybody still asleep from the new year’s eve celebration with only my brother to drive me to the airport.
    The last set of photos is cute!

    • I can imagine how it feels – the separation anxiety. At least it’s not quite stressful nowadays as almost everyone can easily communicate with each from virtually everywhere.

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