Apparently I have an unpublished draft that I’ve been saving for a rainy day, and today just happens to be rainy.  Taken June 30, 2012 at Carigara, Leyte, Philippines.  This is definitely the last entry for 2012.

To my Kalgaran-on friends, especially those who are residing abroad, here’s something to remind you of home.








10 thoughts on “Kangara

  1. Your blog is amazing! I am definitely a fan! Keep up the great work of documenting the lives of different people. It’s amazing to see how you can tell a story just by looking at their photographs.

  2. reminiscing my childhood when i would stop to watch the blacksmith skillfully pattern the “sundang”. thanks orlan for capturing this.

  3. I am a kalgaran-on , thanks. this definitely reminds me of home. a cottage industry that has been there ever since I remember. Their means of livelihood that requires skills, strength, precision, and really ‘hard’ work. I am proud of my people. thank you Mr. Uy. you are such a special one. I am sure I speak from all of us here abroad:) with high regards—your auntie leila

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