the weekend before Christmas

How far is it to Guiuan, Eastern Samar?  Roughly 40 miles on a straight line from San Jose, Tacloban, or 5 hours via a small fishing boat crossing a huge expanse of salt water.

prepping the boat

The fishing expedition starts at mid morning with a crew of 3 persons on a small motor boat.  Granting favorable weather and a bountiful catch, the fishermen should be back the following day.


There are no fishing nets onboard, only fish hooks, and there are about a hundred of these 3″ barbed metals.  The catch consists mostly of jack fish, and each crew member takes home P2,000 ($50) on a good day.


Lamps for the dark nights on the deep blue sea.

I would most definitely want to join a fishing trip, but on a 40-footer fishing boat, not on this 12-footer.    the wall

On the side of the road stands a solitary wall that provides shade from the early morning sun.  It is here where the fishermen gather before they head out to sea.

biking elf

Back on the way home for breakfast, I saw one of Santa’s elves riding a bike on the way to work at the north pole.  He’ll probably arrive too early for Christmas in 2015.

Sunday dunk

Local boys having fun diving into the water to escape the morning heat.  I miss the days when we would spend Sundays at the beach.  That was a long time ago at the time when we brought water in big Coleman jugs and soda came in glass bottles.  That was when beaches were clean and the water was clear.

One more day to go before Christmas.  Here’s wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas, and I pray that all of you are well and will be spending the holiday with your loved ones.


22 thoughts on “the weekend before Christmas

  1. I really like the ‘solitary wall’ – just like our own selves in this mad mad world of frenzy, pace and competition without any time to just stand by and rest and provide others with some relief. Very poignant series. Reminds us that we all must take time to chill out!

  2. Great photos. Merry Christmas to you as well. Weather dles not matter, most important is to be with family. Here we have a beautiful weather with lots of snow and finally more sunlight as well. Excellent.

  3. Merry Christmas! Love the pics of the boat crew. In fact, that’s my neighborhood! Anytime you are back in this area please drop in for a cold drink.

  4. I just hope that these trio will have to spend Christmas with their families too. The sea reminds us to be home for the holidays, even “if its only in our dreams”.
    May you have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones, and a great New year! Thank you for a year of beautiful pictures and stories. God bless.

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