close encounters

Being at the right place at the right time still requires being willing to drop everything to get the shot.  It also means stopping the car, getting out to take a photo, drive a few hundred meters, and then stopping again to walk back to the same area and take another shot.  I did just that last Sunday.  Twice.


It was the walking cardboard box a couple of weeks back.  Now, this.  Same area, same day of the week.  He was ambling along the street with goggles strapped and paddle in hand but nary a boat in sight.  It took me a few seconds to realize that I was about to lose a keeper and so I ran after him.

“Props”, he mumbled.  I didn’t understand what he said next, but I got what I needed.  He was on his way to a rendezvous.


I’ve been driving and walking the whole Sunday morning and returned home without raising my camera.  A trip to the rural towns was pretty much in order, and I was not disappointed.

He needs more work on his invisibility power, but his cloak has become invisible.


Seen in a rice field.  I stopped by the roadside, took a few photos, drove off a hundred meters and that’s when this composition entered my mind.  I stopped again, walked back and took this photo.  Anyone watching would have thought I was nuts.


10 thoughts on “close encounters

  1. Hahaha, well, well. well, if being nuts will result with these wonderful shots, then so be it:) love them all esp. the “scarecrow” a work of art..Hats off to
    the entertaining “Nuts”. thank you once again.

  2. Hi Orlando,

    I’ve been following your intriguing post for a few months now. In your latest, with stopping the car 2x and running back. No, I don’t think you’re nuts. Your enthusiasm shows in all your pictures, even the one with the goggles guy and paddle. Thanks for sharing.


    • thanks, Wei. I always laugh at myself whenever I do that, and I know people would stare at me with no small amusement. I always smile back at them, happy at the thought that I have a keeper.

  3. Kamag-upay sin mga pictures.

    An amateur photo enthusiast here from Northern Samar. Been wanting to take photos from the streets. Pero to be honest, naawod pa ak pagkuha picture san iba nga tawo 🙂 Gotta have the courage soon 😉 Thanks for the inspiration.

    • just go and do what you want to do, and soon enough you’ll get used to it. good luck, and don’t forget to have fun while at it. I’m just an island away so feel free to drop by when you’re in town.


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