I got lost today.  I was sure the narrow pathways would lead me somewhere familiar, but I did not expect to emerge very far from where I started if I stayed on the main roads.  I am now convinced that there are worm holes all over this city, and one of these days I might get lucky and discover one that will take me back in time.

the little man

It was a very quiet morning, and blistering hot.  People were staying indoors and waiting for the pay-per-view boxing match to start.  On days like this, I’d be lucky to find anything interesting outdoors.

radiator fix

I should have visited this radiator repair shop yesterday.  They did a job on a radiator that was taller than a man.

We were spared of the typhoon; thank you all for your prayers.  Parts of the country were still devastated, though, with a huge loss of lives, massive damage to crops and property.  I hope and pray that those affected by the calamity will be able to recover in the least amount of time.

We don’t have winters in this tropical island.  The snowflakes are courtesy of WordPress.


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