little aliens and mazes

There has never been any time I regretted keeping a camera handy, but there were many times I wished I had one with me.  Never mind about camera phones; mine takes forever to start up.  If ever I am forced to use my phone’s camera, chances are I’d be interrupted by an unsolicited marketing ad trying to sell me a condo unit, or an announcement telling me I’ve won the lottery.  Just deposit the money in the bank and I should get my lottery winnings in another lifetime.

boy in a box

I thought I saw an intoxicated cardboard box with legs falling onto the grassy curb a few times, and it really was, sort of.


I must have been watching too many cartoons to be noticing short little alien creatures just about everywhere.

tumba lata

I have made a resolution to explore the side streets and alleys, and today I’ve done just that.  It is a maze of small pedestrian alleys with many paths leading to different parts of the main road.  A 3 minute walk from one end of the alley to the other end will take a car more than twice as much time.  There is a big community in here, and there are more of these places within the city.

window shopping

The ubiquitous sari-sari store.  They don’t carry much stocks, but they have most of the basic stuff, including cigarette and Snow Bear menthol candies.  The latter two are absolute necessities.


Chinese garter, played by bigger girls.  It looks very easy.


….but it’s a completely different sport for little girls.

grains manager

Coming back from the main road through a different route, a different scene.  Rice grains are set out to dry under the hot noontime sun.  A young family member is tasked to keep an eye on it while the adults go about their other chores.

haircut with a view

On the other side of town, a lovely view of Tacloban City from the barber’s chair.

This is one of the best photo walks I have ever taken.

A super typhoon is coming our way and is reportedly stronger than the one that devastated Mindanao last December.  How I wish it can be called off.  I just hope that damages will be at a minimum if it cannot be averted.


30 thoughts on “little aliens and mazes

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that this is one of the best photo walks you’ve ever taken! I loved all the pictures, especially the cutie pies in the first two 🙂

    Please stay safe and I hope to see some interesting photos of the typhoon in a future post.

  2. I can’t tell you (or maybe I have, once or twice) how much I love your photos and narratives.
    I’ll be praying, to the extent that I do, that you will remain safe from the effects of the storm and that your beloved land will ride it out as best as possible.

    • Thank you very much for your prayers, Maya. We’ll be ok, and I also pray that everyone else will be safe too.

      And thank you also for the kind compliments. I appreciate them very much.

  3. this set is entertaining and full of humor, and the story telling is wonderful. I love the ‘chinese garter’ frame #2 good catch:) where can you find an outdoor barber shop with a wonderful view of the city? Only if Mr. Uy finds them:))
    I hope the typhoon will not pass by there.Good luck stay safe.

    • I forgot to ask the barber if there’s a discount for half a haircut, but the view is definitely worth returning to.
      Landfall tomorrow; I hope there won’t be any damage, especially this close to Christmas.

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