This is Aslum, Sagkahan.  I had to use Google Maps because I didn’t know the street name.  This just shows how little I know about my own hometown.  There are still many alleys and side streets for me to explore, and I am looking forward to doing just that.

At the street corner are the usual pedicabs and drivers waiting for passengers.  I’m sure the drivers wouldn’t mind having their photos taken but I’m more interested in something I haven’t photographed yet, so even if they were celebrities, I wasn’t inclined to photograph them.  If they were to fit 20 people in one pedicab, that might change my mind.

a pig gets a final shave before being roasted

Now this is something interesting.  Here a pig is being given spa treatment consisting of a full body scrub and hair removal.  It came with a heavy price tag, more than an arm and a leg,  and the pig paid for it without really getting to enjoy the service.  Poor animal.

cleaned and shaved and waiting for the butcher to remove the innards

The butcher is still doing his rounds.  With all the lechon (roast pig) shops lining the main highway, there are a lot of these backyard kitchens in the neighborhood.  It really takes skill to remove the innards while keeping the meat clean.

I’ve been invited over for some mid morning snacks by the people across the street.  Thank you very much, but not today.  I have to work out an appetite for lunch.

a man fixing his tricycle

His pedicab was in the middle of the public basketball gym while children were busy playing hoops on both sides of the court.  Soon enough it was fixed and running, and would most certainly be ferrying passengers and lechons on the street of Aslum, Sagkahan.

Taking photos is the easy part, and post processing the whole batch takes less than 30 minutes to finish.  It’s the write up that takes a lot of efforts and thoughts (I’m not complaining).  Adding one photo changes the whole story, and so does removing one.  This exercise keeps unrelated photos at a minimum, or so I guess.    


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  1. Another fascinating post. I visit often and never comment. Your work simply keeps pulling me back to see what else you have done. Never have I been disappointed.

    You’re an inspiration!

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