the art of writing

I’ve had my fair share of writing essays (formal and informal themes) both in grade school and high school.  If by chance I’d be able to read the compositions I’ve written then, I’d probably fall off my chair laughing at myself.  I’m glad I was not traumatized by the experience.  In fact, judging from what I’m doing now, the exercises have left a very positive impact on me.  So with that, I am thanking all my English teachers for the very wonderful job of teaching me.

a girl doing some schoolwork by the window

School starts today as the semestral break comes to an end, and just this week I met some kids who probably like school very much that they’ve spent part of their vacation doing some writing.

kids passing time making drawings on the sidewalk

The girls are using the sidewalk as their writing desk.  As I was about to leave, the boy on the right ran back to their house to get a pencil.  He wanted to do some writing too.  Sorry kid, I had to rush home to give my son some lessons he won’t get in school – biking lessons.

All day long my conscience was nagging me for the lack of activities with the kids during Sundays, and so I spent the rest of the afternoon running back and forth holding the bike to keep it in balance while my son learned to ride it.  Now all my kids can ride a bike.


16 thoughts on “the art of writing

  1. The photo of the girl has particularly nice framing and composition.
    As for your kids, they will never forget how to ride a bike nor the person who taught them. One day, they too will teach their kids, so you are part of a long transmission of skills and memories.

  2. love both frames, pretty girl with a beautiful smile, nice take. I am sure the kids can’t wait to go back to school.Thanks once again.

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