on the road

The sun will definitely shine after the rain, after the storm.

The morning sun was very harsh today, and the early morning downpour did very little to quench the heat. We have just been hit by a typhoon, but thankfully no major damage was done except for the usual flooding.

I thought I saw a kid pushing his bike down the sea wall. It was really a blistering hot day and he must have wanted to lead his bike to water and make it drink.

bikes parked while kids take a dip

Well, the saying about horses being led to water must also apply to bikes as well.

No fancy bikes, no fancy helmets, no fancy jerseys, no fancy cycling shoes, no phones and no brakes. This was how we rode our bikes, and our moms had no idea where we were and what we did with our bikes.

They were barely moving along the street and the weather bureau didn’t forecast hail. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being too careful or maybe he just needed something to cover a bad haircut.

Had I not been in a hurry to rush home, I would’ve stopped by a couple of villages on the way back. The simplicity of rural life is just so idyllic, and I am sure the people wouldn’t mind having their photographs taken.

One of them will be riding the bike home. The other one is at the journey’s end.

Last week, my post was featured on Freshly Pressed and I am very thankful to the editors at WordPress for that honor. I have never thought of being featured, let alone it being the second time this year. I would also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited this site, and also to everyone who have been following my blog for some time already. Your kind comments and encouragement have kept me inspired and motivated.


20 thoughts on “on the road

  1. Our journeys are so much about the people we meet! i totally agree with the fact that people dont mind their photos taken, (especially in a country like india…where there is always a sense of pride and happiness to be in a picture!) great blog!

  2. excellent set once again! if there is beauty after a storm, you just portrayed them. love the last frame, the beast of burden at the end of the day. Congratulations to your post being featured on Freshly Pressed.! Well deserved.

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