red beach

This is the famous Red Beach where Gen. Douglas MacArthur landed his troops and liberated the Philippines during World War II.  This coming October 20 marks the 68th year of the Leyte Gulf Landings anniversary.  A memorial stands further down the road.

I came here to enjoy the serenity of the place in the early morning while the sea is still calm.  It is soothing to the soul.

My thoughts and feelings, conveyed in an image.  The scene presented itself by sheer coincidence, as if somebody was reading my mind and wanted me to capture it.


8 thoughts on “red beach

  1. Awww, that second image, of the children, is wonderful. Great perspective, sparkly water, their unawareness of you taking their picture, and the great rich b/w tones of the image.

  2. this set is heavy and says a lot beyond words. love the children, unaware of what’s behind them. nice take of the waters. thanks and more thanks.

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