freeze frame

There are days when I just want to keep to myself and enjoy my music.  I also wanted a fresh perspective on the people I see and not be burdened by their personal stories.

boy selling sampaguita sitting on a tricycle

At first he didn’t want to be photographed, so I told him I’ll advertise his flowers on the internet for free.  He sells them in the Tacloban Public Market, and the flower is called Sampaguita.

man on a bicycle carrying a large stand fan

It wasn’t really a hot day so he probably just wanted a bigger pinwheel.   The blades were spinning, alright, but the monkey behind the viewfinder only knows how to press the button.

empty carts by the pier

definitely can’t sell from an empty cart

man fishing on a small rowboat

If only I could go closer without getting wet….

a girl sits on the sea wall looking at all the floating garbage

These waters used to be clean and children would be seen on the outriggers diving for the coins thrown by the boat passengers.  Those children would probably be in their twenties by now, and I’m sure they won’t be happy about this.

men giving a jeepney a push to get it started

More passengers means more people to help push the vehicle to get it started, and there’s no need to worry about stalling – there are always people around who are willing to help.  This only works for manual transmission, though.

This guy asked to be photographed, and thanked me after I took a snap.  I don’t think he wanted a copy of his photograph; he was making a statement.

a boy sitting in front of a cart full of eggs

He still hasn’t figured whether it was the chicken that came first, or the egg.


17 thoughts on “freeze frame

      • Well you should hear it more often, your photos really are amazing!

        I know what you mean. I bake to get away from it all. And then I’m left with a million baked goods that I have to give away as soon as I can so that I don’t eat them all. It’s a problem. Haha

  1. Great! What was the man’s statement with the t-shirt? I’m visiting the Philippines now and it’s a wonderful place and you capture it very well. The people here are very special.

  2. I like this set. Refreshing and fun! Most especially liked these: guy on the bike with an electric fan, passengers pushing the jeepney, sampaguita boy with the bright smile, and little kid with the big problem!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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