morning haze

I woke up early on last Sunday morning, earlier than I used to when I was still playing golf.  I retired from the sport over a year ago due to back injury.  It was probably meant to be this way – I wouldn’t have started this blog if I were still spending Sunday mornings playing golf.

The morning sky was hazy.  On a clear day, I was told that the sky would be fiery red.  Maybe next summer.

This is the San Juanico Bridge.  It is a very popular landmark, if not the most popular in this region that even those who live in Tacloban have at least one family photo on this bridge.

This may be one of the last few glimpses of the pristine scenery; the islet under the bridge is being developed for a commercial venture.

Years ago, residents in the area would go spear fishing and haul in a big catch of large groupers and other fishes thriving in the rocky bottom of the channel.  Today, there’s barely enough catch to sell in the market.

One thing I like about life in the suburbs – it is very laid back.   It is also peaceful and quiet, until somebody turns on the karaoke machine.

What’s in store for the next weekend?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll just sit at a corner of a busy street and wait for things to happen, or I can just enjoy the walk.


10 thoughts on “morning haze

  1. It took me a while to find words for this set. Nostalgia hits me on the beautiful bridge . The waters are so calm. Your timing couldn’t be more perfect. Such an excellent shots. Love the children playing.You showed us beauty even on a hazy morning. Once again you delivered!
    For next weekend? we will just sit and wait for our Sunday “treat”.Thank you.

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