and then it rained

Last week I specifically asked for rain, and I got what I wanted.  Rain.

Overcast skies, a little drizzle now and then with barely enough water to dot the windshield, and then sudden bursts of heavy downpour obscuring everything in sight.  There were many kinds of rain that day, but I was missing something important: the main subject.  There just aren’t many people around on a rainy day.

And then there was snow.

A last ditch effort, and the only time I got to shoot was late that night on the way home.  I knew the day was over because the spotlight was already on the cleaning crew.

I was going through some old photos when all of a sudden I wanted to go shoot the landscape.  All month long I have been wishing for rain, and when it came, I was caught with my pants down.  If only I knew I’d be getting my wish, I should have wished to be on travel to do nothing but take photos.  I’ll be more selective with my wishes from now on.

sunrise of august, 2010

This was taken in August of 2010.  A thousand words are not enough to describe the vivid memories and emotions it stirs in me.

Can you feel the rain?


18 thoughts on “and then it rained

    • Thanks! I’ve had a camera since the mid 90’s but it was mainly used to take family photos. I guess I got really hooked sometime in January 2009 when I organized a basic photography workshop here in Tacloban. My mentor, Dave Fowler, inspired me to go out and take pictures, and that’s where I am right now – going out and taking pictures.

      • That’s so great! I honestly am nervous about picking up a good camera and trying it out. I don’t know what it is, maybe just that transition from something that’s handheld to a device that requires both my hands and full attention. It’s daunting to me for some reason…

      • At the start it was all about gear – I bought my first DSLR a couple of months after the workshop. I used to focus too much on gear then, but not anymore. I got myself a Panasonic Lumix LX5 a few months ago and that’s what I bring most of the time, especially when traveling. It’s a lot easier on my back, and handy too.

      • Wow, so that’s what you take all your pictures with? They look amazing.

        I definitely need a step up from my iPhone 3G though 😛

      • most of the photos here were taken with my aging Canon EOS 450D & EF-S 17-55 while some of them are from the LX5. I have an iPhone 3GS, but just getting the camera app running takes forever, and I’m also using it to listen to music.

  1. in every lives rain falls, then the sun rises in the east to start a new day. beautiful! memories remain to be memories, some to cherish, others to bury. beautiful once again! thanks.

    • thank you for the lovely poem. I just realized now that some of my photos are visual journals of what I was going through during that time they were taken. Looking at them makes me relive the memories of the time without the need for words.

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