Reflections of the day

Children generally have no say as to what style of haircut they’re getting. That was how it was for me before I went to grade school. The usual “White Side Wall” is what I’d get, and that has been the cause of a lot of torment from my older siblings and cousins.

The white side wall: only the hair on the crown is left while the rest is shaved clean. I’m sure it was more about function than style; a barber needs to be able to hold the head still while mowing the rest of the head.

a bald headed boy enjoying a relaxed chat with his brother

The cost of a regular haircut is P50, roughly 1/5 of a day’s pay. To save money for more important items like food, a lot of parents do the haircut themselves and the children usually end up bald.

a little boy's head is shaved clean by his grandmother

A grandma gives her grandson a clean shave as if she’s giving him a clean start at this very young age. She’s been left to take care of this little boy. The only laughter in our conversation was when I told the kid that he was as well rounded and as clear-headed as I am. Well, such is life and we need a cool head now more than ever.


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